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Trending outfits and Styling ideas for Modest Fashionistas

Ladies, in case you’ve run out of exciting ideas to play up your wardrobe and amass a fortune of amazingly versatile outfits, we’ve picked out all the trending and style-savvy outfit ideas you need to strike your inspiration.

Here, feast your eyes:

Statement Sleeves


Billowy balloon sleeves are making a powerful fashion-forward statement this season, and these delights are just what you need to give your contemporary casual and evening outfits a beguiling dose of elegant chicness.

For instance, you can pair up your hijab with a colour-coordinated outfit of balloon-sleeve tops, pullovers, cardigans, turtlenecks or even a graphic sweatshirt, worn with high-waisted denims, tights or even wide leg pants. You can also create a hassle-free classy evening-wear outfit by playing up your hijab with a maxi dress featuring romantically flimsy balloon sleeves.

Wide-Legged Pants


These are your ultimate styling trick to carve out an abundance of versatility in your wardrobe. The best thing about flaunting this ragingly trendy bottom staple is the fact that it can be paired up with any and everything, and styled to suit all occasions, be it a casual day at the mall or an important career-making presentations.

All you need is a silk hijab, a smart blouse, and a neutral pair of sharply tailored wide-legged pants. You can also flaunt these with your casual tops, tee-shirts, cardigans and bomber jackets.

Floor-Grazing Maxi Dresses

If you want to stock up one fashion staple that will never disappoint you with its timeless elegance, and immense versatility to suit all occasions, girl, you need to create a striking collection of artsy maxi dresses.

These floor-grazing maxi dresses are just what you need to channel your romantic femininity with a gorgeous blend of artsy prints, bohemian designs and ethnic dresses. These promise a go-to chicness for all your statements, be it a day at work, or a casual luncheon with friends.


A basic Breton stripped tee can simply never go out of style for it promises a chic 90’s inspired sass to give your outfit a contemporary flair. You can pair up these delights with any and every fashion staple known to womankind, for instance, maxi skirts, wide leg pants, denim jeans, ankle pants and lots more.

Maxi Skirts

Another timeless classic that will make your wardrobe more versatile and fashion-forward. These delights are a definite must-have if you want to play up your femininity with a bold flair of sensuality. Flaunt ruffled skirts, pencil skirts, and floor-grazing maxi skirts with energetically vibrant and artsy patterns.

Trench it up!

Picking out sleek and sharply tailored trench coats allows you the luxury of sealing your style statements with a glamorous chicness. We strongly implore you to pick out trench coats in vibrant colours, such as blue, green and pink, to give your outfit an energetic pop of colour. At the same time, it is also essential to stock up the neutral versatility of colours like nude, rose gold, blush and browns.

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