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Mapping out the Basics of Starting your Very Own Fashion Line

Starting your own fashion line is the dream that all designers harbour, for it is the only they can actualize their potential and garner the appreciation they so ardently crave. There is always the added terror of making a risk, but if you dedicate yourself to your passion with a strong sense of confidence, you can take this leap of faith and enjoy its success.

Let’s cover up the basic steps that will lead you to the creation of your own fashion line:


The uniqueness and originality is the most essential aspect of your brand, and you can achieve these two elements by giving your brand a strong ideation. The trick is to pour your heart out into your passion by giving it the very best of your talent and creativity. Attract your audience with an ideation that creates a covetable image for your brand.

Colour story

Customers don’t simply adore brands for their trendy apparel, but rather, the modern shopaholics want to shop brands that they can really connect with. Customers don’t just want to buy clothes, they want to have amazing experiences by connecting with the dreams of the designer. Your colour story needs to be a strong account of your passion and dedication to your brand, which will in turn inspire and move your consumer audience to appreciate your art.

Technical Drawing

Drawings are undoubtedly the most essential part of a fashion designer’s work, as it happens to be their canvas to create ideas before they are brought to life in the form of a dress. The trick is to innovate your drawings with trends that your consumers actually want to see themselves flaunting.


The production process has to be flexible and budget-friendly to help you avoid serious risks while you’re just starting out. You can always control the chain of production according to your goals, for instance, if you want to make your website an exclusive made-to-order portal, it will help you reduce production costs and the added disappointment of not selling-out a ready-to-wear collection.

Sales & Marketing

Clever and enticing marketing strategies are instrumental to drive sales and revenues, and social media provides fashion designers the perfect platform to attract billions of shopaholics from all over the world. You simply need to connect with your costumers, and trigger brand loyalty by giving them what they need.

Avoiding Risks and Disappointments

As a young fashion designer stepping into the industry, it’s very easy to be disappointed by setbacks that hinder your success, and drag you into the tumultuous world of competition. In such a scenario, you need a platform that allows you to gain exposure and experience without the adding fear of risking your capital and inventory.

Royale Demure allows you to test the waters and harness your talent without the hassle and anxieties of marketing your designs and making maximum sales. It gives you the perfect environment to gain exposure and understand the needs of your customers.


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