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Easy Street Looks that You Can Pull Out from Your Closet

If you’re a lazy girl who always ends up dressing up and dashing out of the house in a hurry, we’ve compiled the perfect guide of easy street looks. These go-to style statements just have to be pulled out of your wardrobe, and you can enjoy an on-point outfit without making much effort.

Here, take a look:

Loose & Baggy

Having a bad hair day, or feeling a little heavy after munching on too many calories? All girls deserve to own an unending supply of loose and baggy minimal shirts that they can put on when nothing seems to go right in their life. Not only do these delights promise an undeniable comfort, but also, if you play them up with chic staples and accessories, they make such voguish picks for contemporary streetwear.

Throw on an edgy pair of distressed denim jeans, a chunky Gucci belt and a distressed denim jacket for an insanely cool statement. You can even flaunt them with a leather jacket with a sexy pencil skirt.


Distressed Denims

Ripped denim jeans are an insanely versatile and super-functional bottom staple that promise a girl effortless chicness with a bold sassiness. You can flaunt these with any and every statement, and style them up for any occasion. For instance, paired with a sexy off-the-shoulder top, ripped jeans can be carried to a hot date night.

The basic denim and tee outfit can simply can ever go out of style, and when paired with an ankle-grazing trench coat, it creates the ultimate recipe for street style chicness. If you want an edgy outfit that exudes fierce boldness, pair it up with a sharp leather jacket, a basic black tee and a dark ankle boots.


Put on a Cap!

Graphic caps look insanely adorable, and they are the ultimate solution to fix a bad hair day. Can’t seem to make a presentable hairstyle with all the oil and grease in your hair, which cannot be washed since you’re running incredibly late?  Relax girl, all you need is a chic cap to cover up the oiliness, paired with a sleek high-ponytail, or even a messy hairdo of bedhead waves.


Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are a definite and absolute must-have for they provide our wardrobes such undeniable versatility and effortless svelte. Their timeless sass can be paired with at least 50 clothing staples in your wardrobe, which makes them the ultimate staple to nail street style glam. You can flaunt them with your maxi dresses, sequined skirts, graphic tees, ripped denim jeans, jumpsuits-basically any and every staple known to womankind!

Bomber Jackets

Shear-ling bomber jackets are trending super-hot on the fashion radar, and if you want to hit the streets flaunting an insanely infectious, ‘90s inspired chicness, these are your best style ticket. Flaunt them with your elegant chiffon tops to spice up your work wardrobe, or you can even throw them on a basic denim-and-jeans outfit for a casual day on the street. Bomber jackets looked incredibly chic when paired with maxi skirts and dresses.


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