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Fashion Crossings: The Odds In Dayana

by Anas Roshad


It wasn’t so hard for Dayana to set foot in fashion and when I said set foot, I meant it literally setting her feet when her mom starts dolling Dayana up. She was her mom’s favorite mannequin to play dress up with. Along the ties of ‘mother-daughterhood’, Dayana bonded in fashion. To start, she loves art, but Dayana’s takes, on art was rather odd. Her personal involvement in fashion starts at the age of 17. She was slowly trying to figure out her inspirations and came across the aesthetics of traditional elements. The raw originality of the paintings in palaces during her visit in South Korea and how she vividly remembered the legendary Kelantanese regnant ruler Che Siti Wan Kembang hit her lightbulb and ever since, she sticks to it. The patterns, paints and prints of the aforementioned subjects has been her drive of inspiration.


Needless to say, Dayana’s signature style has always been oversize and asymmetric and how each design has its own story. As a designer, Dayana favours both sides of dark and bright color in her designs and her go-to ideas has always been random.

“I play the piano and personally, listening to music can boost my synergy in brainstorming design ideas.” -Dayana of DDDD.

It’s weird when she believes at something to boost her up was actually enabling her to dive deeper down, in her bubbles of idea. Dayana’s one of a kind oddity is her ability to tip on the fine line between contrasting designs. Resulting in her fashion drives being fun, quirky and adventurous at the same time.

An all-rounder covering from the very basic to really experimental pieces, Dayana is currently in love with the two countries of the setting sun. The styling in both Korea and Japan has made a lot of influenced in her recent designs. She was all too random, she could find ideas in a static tumblr!

Speaking of South Korea, her favorite fashion figure is Irene Kim, a well-known Korean model. Her fashion essentials are accessories and perfume. It will never complete her look without the right scents to go along the day.

When asked on her journey in fashion was rather conventional or unconventional, she chose the latter. She thinks outside the box, and sometimes getting questioned at what she designs. A lecturer of hers once asked her directly by saying, who would want to wear this design? (referring to one of her designs during her study year). She was taken aback at first, but lifted by the words and almost immediately setting the mission to challenge the fashion industry especially Malaysian fashionistas to be brave to try on new things.

Sweet Crush Top

Positively confirming she is a fashionpreneur, she is ready to set her brand soar abroad off-country and doing more than what she’s doing now. The industry should watch its back as Dayana is on to set the trend for good. Change comes from an individual, but an inspirational figure to be able to change the whole community is just on another level. Of greater challenge, comes greater heights, she added.


RD Note: Dayana Afifah Noor Ramli or casually known as Dayana R has been an active designer, stylist, blogger and writer. Her pieces has successfully been crowdfunded with Royale Demure and ever since, Dayana keeps on surprising us with new fresh ideas to color the industry. Follow her journey at @hellodyna or her label at @ddddofficial_

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