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Fashion Crossings: Denise’s Direction

by Anas Roshad




When you are up for a detailed piece of clothing, one with bold contrast color, and a touch of chic to complete the look, look no further to your home-grown, Denise Hor. The girl who was in awe of her mom sewing skills, can’t wait to sew on her own. She found her ever growing interest in fashion at the early age of 10 and since then, she has not stop looking for fashionable pieces that mix her three signature styles of being chic, edgy and exotic.

“From a simple fabric, I can turn it into something very basic and ready to wear, to something totally avant garde. And that has always been the reason why I choose to study the fascinating industry of fashion” Denise Hor of Dee.

Having bias tape, and the say, of nothing is ever too much in detailing, Denise puts on bold color in her pieces of choice. She is a big fan of Prada ever since she saw her teacher donned a Prada bag at her school back in the day. When asked of her favorite fashion figure, she opt for Alexander McQueen just because of the unique avant garde collection, the phenomenal guy has always showcased to the world and Denise is a big fan up till today. Denise do not consider herself as fashionpreneur and maybe never will be, as she sees it in a different point of view. She was aiming to work a bit more in designing and producing more signature designs for her label, and she is planning to get her bachelor’s degree in fashion after a few years. She has her 5 years ahead planned in a quite thorough way, and she’s planning to stick to it.

Her ambition is to become one of the most influential creative director, internationally. On a real basis of Denise, she is pretty low-key and rather keeps her thoughts to herself. As humble as Denise was, she didn’t just follow the stream of fashion trend, rather sets it up herself.


It is very fitting of the girl with drama in her designs to do so when she added, binge-watching Western series was one of her go-to sketch ideas. She loves movies so much, each and every one of her designs has their own story. She wears skinny jeans almost every day making it her personal fashion essentials.

The girl who gradually fell in love in fashion, puts in perspective, when her designs follow the line of being interesting, fun and a mix of edgy and street-style. It should be ready to wear, practical, one part fun, one part fashion, but most importantly, it should boost the confidence of the one who wears them.


Denise Hor Mei Yoke or Denise in short, is the one in charge of her label DEE. Her designs has got their own followers and regular pledgers, but never fail to surprise us with her timeless pieces. She was hopeful that people around her would be more confident in their fashion preferences and hope to be one of the reason why. Follow her direction in life and in fashion @denisedhor

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