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Fashion Crossings: Lady Ribbon

by Anas Roshad

Almost everything about this girl illustrates her true passion in dress making. As conventional and normal as it can gets, Hasnaa has always got the eyes on fashion. She starts getting interested during her middle school and later after she graduated high school she already planned ahead of time to further taking dress making course at a local GIATMARA. She has always believe in the phrase, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when asked about her biggest inspiration in fashion, she quickly answered those beautiful women donning any kind of clothing in confident and being true to themselves in their own way.

She loves to wear something rather unlikely from the rest to be different and stands out from the crowd, and to add to that, she enjoyed modifying her own clothes and that’s what led her to fashion and dressmaking as she grow older. Hasnaa loves experimenting with her design and trying out new style every time she’s up sketching new idea. One day she would love to look feminine, the next day she wanted something chic. The three words to describe her fashion drives are exactly that, feminine, chic and unique because she loves surprises.

“I’m one woman in diversity, people will never expect what I’ll come up next in my design cause I love to play around and experiment new ideas”

Hasnaa 2

Hasnaa Mansor and her four favorite features to be added in a lot of her designs are eyelets, detailed sleeve designs, fancy sheers and ribbons. Just look at her collection and you will immediately differentiate them from the rest. These details are like mini surprises that people wouldn’t even expect from afar, they have to get closer to the designs and really see the tiny bits of intricate pieces to just adding a little flair of fun.

Speaking of fun, Hasnaa is a big fan of shades, sling bags and heels. Her fashion choice speaks for herself as being an easy-going but firm to her principle, flexible but determined and most importantly she is a ribbon geek. Her designs are one big flowy collection, just like a ribbon in a loop, silky to the touch and elegant to the feel. Hasnaa’s kick starts are rather simple. She needs to have her breakfast while listening to…wait for it, techno music. Most of the times Hasnaa keeps everything well-kept and organized because she wanted to feel the positivity out of everything.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 10.39.57 AM (1) WhatsApp Image 2018-08-21 at 12.06.03 PM


She clearly stated that she fell in between the category of setting the trend and following it. She loves to be a part of a unique design and wishing to set one style that could be followed by a lot of people out there. She also said that her sketch ideas has always been impromptu and anything random as she has never sticks to one particular design idea. She would just go with the flow, and add a bit of little details here and there as she goes along bringing the design to life.

When asked on her five years plan with her label, she commented that she would love to see her brand soar up high, being a well-known label to Malaysia nationwide and the world, but not only popular, it should also be loved by many. It would be hard to build an empire, but one day, she promised herself, she’ll get there and in hope to inspire others as well. As she promised herself to be great someday, she would never forget her roots and background, as that is what makes Hasnaa Mansor and the brand, the way she is of today. Hasnaa has been grateful ever since.

“Fashion is not only my driving passion, it was love at first sight and I have always look forward to pour my heart and soul in designing my collection, and I do hope everyone have some beautiful stories attached with my designs that springs memory every time they wear it, so they could relate and it becomes closer to their hearts.”


Hasnaa Mansor is the one true idea behind her fashion label Hasnaa Mansor. The girl who admires Audrey Hepburn claimed that she’s not the boss, she’s the lady of her own brand, mind and soul. The journey has just begun for her and as she grow older and wiser in the industry, she was hoping to be better for everyone, and to herself utmost. Follow her personal fashion diary at @hasnaamansor and all her one of a kind design being made here at Royale Demure.

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