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RD X INTI International University & Colleges


The one collaboration we’re eager to share with you guys out there! Presenting RD (Royale Demure) X INTI International University & Colleges.

Proving to walk the talk and giving back to the society, RD has collaborated with INTI Diploma in Fashion Design final year students in preparing them to face the growing fast-paced industry.

In this project, 10 young designers are required to present their best final year project with RD and work out the best way to sell their design pieces to their target market. It goes all the way from the very beginning of sketching the ideas, consulting with our production team, discussing on marketing strategies, creating hype to help the students in their objective to successfully crowdfund 15 pieces of each design.

The aim of the competition is to encourage and build entrepreneurial mindset amongst young students, allowing them access into early blooming of their design career and develop their client base. Optimizing RD as their marketing tool and platform, these students are free to test the water of their designs’ marketability and how important it is to thoroughly research on the market and audience before they start designing.

With this collaboration, these young aspiring designers would be well prepared before entering the ever-changing stream of fashion industry.


Click on the links below to pledge for their designs! Or simply visit

Polar Boatneck Blouse by MIA LOMOLJO | MYR 129.00
Faye Shirt Dress by CHLOE HO | MYR 159.00
Poppy Turtleneck Box Printed Crop Top by SHARMAINE C. | MYR 129.00
Bellèrine – Triplèt by CNARADION | MYR 129.00
Summer Breeze by JC | MYR 139.00
That Swag Girl by X. JING | MYR 109.00
Smooth Moves by DELIA | MYR 99.00
Al’ Kalahari Outer by MARYTZKAW | MYR 119.00
Cherry Bomb Neon Cardigan by CHERRY BOMB | MYR 139.90
Call Me Your Name Top byYOU-AGAIN | MYR 119.00

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